The other etched glass

My husband wanted a different deer head for his glass, he stopped at a shop that sells stickers, decals and shirts to have a decal made in reverse.

Just like with the contact paper stencil we stuck to the glass where we wanted it.


Again the etching cream was left on for half an hour, washed off and then removed the decal.


While this was easier to apply than the contact paper stencil I think it turned out just as nice. Since it cost $5 for this one decal I don’t think I will buy one to etch glass again because of the price. I am sure there are other ways to block the etching cream that I haven’t found yet.

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First glass etching

Etching glass is actually fairly simple. I started by putting the contact paper stencil on the glass.


Then I brushed on the etching cream onto the area I wanted to etch.


I have seen different directions (opinions actually) on how long to leave the etching cream on, from one to 45 min. I left it on for 30 min. After washing the etching cream off I removed the contact paper stencil.


I really like how this turned out, I will be doing a set of pint glasses with this picture for a wedding shower gift.

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Contact paper stencil.

I didn’t want to freehand the etching and I didn’t like the look or the price of the pre made stencils.
I have most of a roll of contact paper so I traced my picture onto it, and colored in where I wanted cut out.


I cut it out with an exacto knife over my cutting mat.


I can use either but will be etching the deer head heart.

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What came in the mail today.

About a week ago I ordered samples from, though I am done making swimsuits for this year. (unless of course I get commissioned to make one.) Since I never ordered from there I wanted to see the quality of the fabrics.


My favorites are the one that looks like diamond plate and the second red, white, and blue sample. I will probably order them sometime when I feel like I have money to spare. If I could order half yards I would get the pink too.

And Jalie 3350. I won an auction on eBay for just under $12!


I will make at least one of these for my daughter next year.

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To be shorts.

Joann’s is having their coupon commotion sale this week. If you get their fliers in the mail you probably noticed that instead of a page full of 40% off coupons for anything or specific things there were only a handful of 50% off coupons, as well as one for 40% off good anytime this month.
I didn’t use all the coupons this time but I did use 3 of them. I bought camo twill, a jeans zipper and a pack of jeans buttons. To make Kwik Sew 3884.


Not counting the cost of the pattern this pair of shorts will cost the same as similar shorts that weren’t available in my husband’s size.

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Jalie 2794 part 4

Now that I picked up some grey thread I could finish the shirt. I started by winding a bobbin so I had 2 grey threads for the top. Since I serged in white I stuck with white on the bottom.


After hemming both sleeves and the bottom I was done.


I really like how this turned out, it is super comfortable and has a neckline that none of my other shirts have.

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Dollar Tree

I always love a good deal, and when I can buy nice craft stuff cheap I probably get more than I need. I stopped at Dollar Tree for activity books and ended up spending $8 on stuff for crafts. 6 shirts that I will let the kids decorate (I’m pretty sure they were shirts that didn’t sell elsewhere they seem like a very good quality shirt) and 2 pilsner glasses that I plan to etch (for practice for a gift) in the near future.


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