Simplicity 2069

I finally figured out a pattern to use for the pirate costume will be perfect for the vampirate costume. Of course it is a discontinued pattern, I scoured eBay until I found a copy at a price I thought was reasonable.


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Creepy stripes

My daughter wants to be what she calls a vampirate for Halloween. That is a pirate that is a vampire. I am starting to get things figured out. Until the discontinued (of course) I will be keeping the pattern details a secret. Of course I have been scouring the internet for creepy stripes.

My first choice (my daughter’s too) is
creepy stripes

but at $17 per yard I think it is too much for fabric for a costume. Someone gave me the brilliant idea to diy the stripes on black fabric. Since bleach and I don’t work well together, I tried a few other ideas.


The blue is watered down puff paint, the purple is painted with a brush, and both rows of red are done with a syringe filled with paint. I think the red is closest but will also use a fine brush to make a line so there are no gaps.

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Old to new ornaments

My sister decorates a tree outside a nearby museum for a local historical society. She decorates it (with my kids help then we go for lunch) around Thanksgiving and takes down the ornaments after Christmas.

After a couple of years of hanging outside the ornaments weren’t broken but the paint was coming off and they didn’t look so pretty anymore.


With the kids, some mod-podge (outdoor) and a whole lotta glitter we worked on re-decorating the ornaments.


Some might still need touch ups and they all will get a sealer coat. But when the ornaments get put on the tree again they will look nicer than when they were taken off the tree.

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Dress to skirt

Recently I posted about this dress.


I don’t remeber where I got it but I never tried it on and it wasn’t flattering, and it was a little short for my taste. I decided to refashion it into a skirt.

I started by cutting it a little longer than I wanted.


Then I sewed a casing and inserted elastic.


After sewing the elastic into a band I sewed the rest of the casing and my skirt was done. I paired it with a black sleeveless shirt and a black belt.


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one thing or another

I got this grey fabric at Goodwill with the intention of using it for the bolero I will be making soon. It looked a little lighter in the store than it does at home. If I don’t use it for the bolero I will be using it for a vest and tie for my son.


No matter what I make it will be $3 well spent.

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Etched glass set

I decided to go with the puff paint stencil becase it is inexpensive and peels or scrubs off easily.


As usual I etched for 30 min and washed off the etching cream. Then I peeled off the paint.


2 down 6 to go. But don’t worry I won’t over-post the set if I do another post it will be when all 8 are done.

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Refashion to do list

First on the list (ok only on the list right now) is this black and white dress I bought without even trying it on. (it fits but isn’t flattering) I picked it up because I like the print and it was on a clearence rack.


Once I decide on a length I am going to make it into a skirt. I am also going to use the clear hanger straps on the dress I am making.

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