Camo jacket part 7

I put on the collar pieces, front and back facings today.

I actually did it according to directions this time, and although I wish I hadn’t. It had me sew the under collar on, then the upper collar and the facings. If I make it again I will sew the upper collar, back facing, and front facing pieces together first before sewing it onto the main jacket.


All that is left for the jacket is to line it, I hope I can get it done tomorrow.

I also figured out how I am going to finish off the beard so my son can wear it. I cut a length of 1/4″ elastic )slightly shorter than the length needed) and threaded it through the beard and sewed it shut.



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Camo jacket part 6

I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked, but I did get 4 sleeves in place.

Two for the lining.


And the other two on the main fabric.


I love how the front of the main jacket looks like it lines up! I could not have planned it better than that. I am sure it will fit my son perfectly.

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Something for Christmas

Yup it’s not even Halloween yet and I am taking a break from the costume making and gathering supplies for a few Christmas gifts.

First a unique jewelry box, which will be stained a color per my kids request. (for my sister)


It has many sections and a drawer.


I will also line the drawer and boxes with felt or velvet.

And for the teacher gifts this year, light bulb shaped plastic ornaments, alpha beads and mini light bulb shaped ornaments.


The kids and I will be spelling out their teachers names (or some appropriate phrase) with the beads and gluing them to a skewer, and putting a few of the mini bulbs inside.

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Camo jacket part 5

It seemed a little less confusing today since the portion of the jacket I worked on was similar to the lining.

First I did the darts, they are kind of hard to see on the camo fabric.



I sewed the main body peices together.


And I sewed the sleeves together.



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Camo Jacket part 4

I sewed the front, back and side panel peices of the lining together today. I also sewed the shoulder seams.


So far this pattern has been one of the most confusing patterns I have ever sewn, at least as far as the instructions go. But I am determined to make it work and finish both kids costumes.

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Camo jacket part 3

I started with the lining, The sleeves will need to be set in, so I started with the sleeves.


And I sewed the darts for the front lining.


I think this is going to fit my son nicely and will have room for layers if he needs them for while we are Trick-or-Treating. (and by Trick-or-Treating I mean a few neighbors, friends and family’s houses)

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Camo jacket part 2

The wind is howling right now and I am feeling it blow right through me just hearing it. Branches have been falling from the trees, garbage cans blowing across the road and the grill fell over and broke. (I’m pretty sure my husband can fix it) Needless to say I’d rather be spening my day snuggled up in a tie blanket.

I did cut out the lining for the camo jacket. I used an ixpensive cotton.


The sleeve lining peices are clearly shorter than the main fabric for the sleeves. The directions say to cut it shorter. I think once I get motivated and start sewing this I will get more and more ecited to sew it.

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