Large scraps

I don’t remember what I originally was going to use this yard of gingham for, but it will now be a muslin for the bodice and hopefully skirt lining for Simplicity 4070. (I’d like you to do the skirt lining and bodice because it seems that is where the biggest fit issues are from what I have read in reviews)


I am more excited to work on the dress than the shorts so I think I will make the muslin before the shorts.

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Nail strip fail

Ever since nail strips came out I have been curious about them. I spotted these for $1.60 on a clearence rack at Family Dollar, so I thought I would finally give them a try.


I picked the correct size for each finger and put them on one at a time.


After filing at each one for a few minutes I was done.


Maybe they didn’t fit quite right, or maybe it was my inexperience at using them but I was not impressed, there were bubbles they didn’t seem to stick very well and they took me almost as long as actually polishing my nails. (aside from drying time.) Unless I am given some or find some better tips to using these I probably won’t try them again.

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Who can resist?

After looking up glass etching stencils I found a few pins on Pinterest where puff paint was painted on the glass and set to dry. I only had a partial bottle so I tried regular school glue first.


The glue ran and was hard to see when dry.


I did a free-hand heart the etching cream didn’t etch through the glue. It was easy to wash off.

So I turned the glass to the other side and painted what little puff paint I had around the Browning heart design.


And etched it just like any other time.


This turned out just as nice as with the stencils but it was a pain in the hinder to get off. I think if I painted it a little thicker it would have peeled off better.

When I get a chance I will get more puff paint use that to block the etching cream on the glasses I make for the shower.

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Sponge painted shirts

I started by cutting the designs the kids picked out of freezer paper and ironing it onto 2 of the shirts from Dollar Tree.


Yes this is a copy of the same Browning heart I did for a contact paper stencil enlarged.

I put a little of a few colors of paint onto a paper plate and let the kids sponge away.



I did make sure they had the entire outline was covered.

When the paint was dry I removed the freezer paper and heat set the paint.


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Back to Dollar Tree

I went to a different location than last time. I got 2 shirts for each of my kids this time. We will still decorate the way too big shirts from the first trip to Dollar Tree, but these should fit now.


I have all the shirts in the wash machine in a cold cycle. I am hoping to decorate this weekend.

And Dollar Tree wasn’t my only stop. I was hoping to get pint glasses to etch while I was there but they didn’t have as many as I wanted. I got this box of 8 similar styled glasses for $7 so it was a bit cheaper than I anticipated. I am planning on giving a set of 6 glasses, so this leaves me a couple of spares just in case. (I can be pretty klutzy sometimes.


I am hoping to find a wine box tube to wrap them in. (with tissue paper between each of them of course) so that they take up less space in the laundry basket I am filling with useful goodies for a shower present.

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Taking pattern up one size.

Since Kwik Sew 3884 didn’t go up to my husband’s size. (the largest size is one size smaller than he wears) I needed to size it up one size.

I started by tracing it in the largest size and marking everything including both spots for lengthening.

If this was just pajama pants I would have widened it at the side seam and left everything else alone. But since I needed to up a size I cut my tracing on both lines for lengthening and in half down the center. which made for 6 pieces, which I taped to the table with 1 inch spacing to add the desired length and width.

going up 1

Then I traced the pattern pieces to create my new sized up pattern piece.

going up 2

I did this with both the back and front pieces, I was able to just add the length to the waistband and fly pieces. No other pieces needed changes, but I did draft a jeans pocket to use instead of using the trouser style pocket.

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The other etched glass

My husband wanted a different deer head for his glass, he stopped at a shop that sells stickers, decals and shirts to have a decal made in reverse.

Just like with the contact paper stencil we stuck to the glass where we wanted it.


Again the etching cream was left on for half an hour, washed off and then removed the decal.


While this was easier to apply than the contact paper stencil I think it turned out just as nice. Since it cost $5 for this one decal I don’t think I will buy one to etch glass again because of the price. I am sure there are other ways to block the etching cream that I haven’t found yet.

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