Shantung is kind of a silly sounding word, it is a type of fabric that I have never sewn with before. When I had the samples of dress fabric in the store the other day I stumbled on a remnant that I liked with it. (bummer that the remnant wasn’t enough it was $2.50!) so I looked until I found a bolt of the same fabric.


The color is called pewter but is more of a light to medium grey I got a yard and a half since I will be adding 3/4 sleeves. I will probably use the less shiny side for the bolero, but I have been known to hoard fabric (lol) so IF I don’t like it with the finished dress I will make my daughter a holiday dress with it. No matter what I make with it I should have enough lining leftover from the lining I got from the dress.

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Vampirate shirt fabric

So the stripes aren’t quite as creepy as the ones on the other fabric my daughter liked. But the stripes are far from boring at the same time. My daughter selected a red, grey and black with bits of white jagged striped fabric. The off white is for the sleeves.


The ric-rack trim was a little cheaper than the sequin trim that the pattern calls for. It should also be quicker to sew on since I can use the machine. and the verigate mettallic color makes it look older and tarnished.

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Official start of Simplicity 4070

I have officialy started Simplicity 4070! After tracing and making adjustments to the pattern peices that I needed adjustments on (mostly in the bust) I pinned it to the chiffon and started cutting.



I also cut out the under skirt and bodice, and stuck the bodice peices and skirt peices into 2 serperate gallon bags (and pushed as much air out as I could) in the hopes that they don’t fray as much as they would in the project bag.


I am not sure how much sewing I will get done this week, since school is starting soon. but I will be able to concentrate on it much better without the kids asking me how I did that or pushing my foot down harder on the pedal anyway. I have about a month before this needs to be finished.

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Ice dyed shirts

I liked the look of some ice dyed shirts that I saw in Pinterest. So using 2 shirts I bought from Dollar Tree and a couple of Tulip dye kits I got ready to dye the shirts.

After getting the shirts wet I started layering ice dye powder and the shirts in my dye pot.




After the shirts were completely layered with ice and dye powder I put a plastic bag over the pot and set it outside until the ice was melted.

I after the ice was melted I took them out of the pot and dried them.


Most of the tutorials I saw for ice dying said that I should use soda ash to hold the color, but I didn’t. Even after forgetting about the shirts outside until they were soaked from rain and washing them the color is still very bright.

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Lacey hair clip

I made this lacey hair clip with a scrap piece of beaded lace. (I think it was tied around tulle bags with kisses in them as a wedding favor)

I started with the small piece of beaded lace and a plain hair clip


And glued it on with E-6000 glue.


I left the edges long until the glue dried, then trimmed them and gave them a light coat of clear nail polish to prevent the edges from fraying.


I like how this turned out and will be really cute in my hair or my daughter’s hair for special occasions.

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Etched glasses finished

I finished the set of etched glasses for the shower gift.


Then I wrapped them in wine gift tubes (with bubble wrap and tissue paper so they don’t clank together)and wrapped the rest of the gift.


Since the shower is this weekend I don’t want to say specifically what went into the gift, but it some of our favorites and a few things I sometimes forget to pick up when I am at the store.

I would also like to mention that I added a contact me form in the about me section of my blog. If you have any questions on how I did something I will try to answer them, perhaps even on the blog.

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Simplicity 2069

I finally figured out a pattern to use for the pirate costume will be perfect for the vampirate costume. Of course it is a discontinued pattern, I scoured eBay until I found a copy at a price I thought was reasonable.


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