4070 lining part 2

Since I already had the darts marked I sewed the darts next.


Then I sewed the hem.


I know it seems kind of weird to hem at this time but, it was easier now than it would have been after sewing the main dress and lining together.

I also folded in the side seams in on the half bodice since it won’t be getting sewn in with the rest of the bodice lining.


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4070 lining part 1

After marking the darts.


I serged the seams of the skirt, and the bottom edge.


I also did the same with the “half bodice” for the waist stay.


The days to my dead line are counting down but I should have this done by the end of the week in plenty of time to also make the bolero.

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Sash for 4070

Allthough I have amazed myself with how well this dress is turning out, It needs something. I decided to make a sash out of some of the scraps of chiffon.

I cut strips to peice togehter since there wasn’t a scrap long enough.


Then I serged the ends of the peices together, and the ends, and serged it into a tube.


Although I didn’t turn it yet I am sure this is what my dress needs and will looke better than the ribbon I previously purchased for it. (but I will find another use for that.)

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Two to one

The main dress is in two peices, for now. I sewed them together with a 5/8 inch seam.

 photo IMG_2079_zps0f274c92.jpg

Then I removed the zipper from the muslin.

zipper out photo IMG_2073_zps24e4dd35.jpg

After basting the zipper in place I sewed it in place. Basting in place really helped get the zipper where I wanted it. I got it right the first time!

zipped photo IMG_2080_zps87f95060.jpg

The seam at the waist is about 1/4 inch off, since everything else lines up and it will be covered with a sash or ribbon.

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Back to SImplicity 4070

I got back to working on the strapless dress today.

I started by sewing the back seam on both the under layer and the chiffon.

back seam photo IMG_2075_zps2e8030dc.jpg

Then I pinned it in a few places to prevent the layers from slipping apart. And I pinned the pleats in place.

pleats pinned photo IMG_2076_zpsf4d77865.jpg

And I sewed the pleats down with a 1/2 inch seam.

pleats sewn photo IMG_2077_zps514e7721.jpg

Ok it is a little crooked but as long as the seam attaching the bodice and the skirt is on this seam or further in it won’t show. I Know I am doing many of the steps out-of-order, but it will look the same when it is finished, and it makes sense to me.

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One more growth spurt

And my daughter will outgrow her favorite NFL team cheerleader dress. And she wants another one. After I finish my dress and the kid’s costumes I might sew her another one. I’m sure that I can make one much cheaper than the ones I can get online. (at least $40)

I was given Mccall’s 7839 by my husband’s aunt (along with a ton of other patterns, fabric and interfacing, she used to work at a craft store)


This pattern is out of print but I still like it. If my daughter likes it too I will probably make D and G-H. I think it is kind of a classic cheerleader look.

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Frankenpattern contest

I have been planning to make a bolero to wear for a wedding for a while now. I was planning making Vogue 8957, combining two different veiws.


But now http://www.sewingpatternreveiw.com is having a frankenpattern contest.(it starts on the 16th) Combining 2 veiws of one pattern doesn’t count. It has to be from 2 or more commercially drafted patterns.

After alot of looking and a few suggestions from other members of sewing pattern review I decided on

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