Finished bargainista fashionista

All that was left was hand sewing, so I started by pinning the openings in neck bands closed.


Then I hand sewed them using coordinating thread.


Finally I stitched the neckband at the shoulder seams.


I am happy with how it turned out especially since this is my first self drafted pattern.

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Baby shower 2 part 1

With the shower just days away I had to get started fast, good thing it is a simple and small quilt.

I layered the two fabrics right sides together with batting at the bottom. I sewed around most of all 4 sides.


Then just like with the hot pads (and burp rags) I trimmed the corners and turned it right side out, and sewed around the entire quilt keeping the edge of the foot at the edge of the blanket.


I still need to quilt it which I will do with yarn ties. And just so the baby cant untie pull them out like my kids used to each will get a dot of washable glue.

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Bargainista Fashionista 4

After gathering the front band and sewing it on, I sewed the other neckband peice and turned it.



I will hand sew the openings and the shoulder seams on the neckband. Hopefully today or tomorrow since the contest ends in a little over a week.

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A little clearer

Remember this chiffon I mentioned about a month ago?


I just couldn’t picture the dress even though I knew I wanted to use Simplicity 4070. (view D)

robrodcopy 1

robrodcopy 2

The other day I was just looking on eBay for the heck of it, and found a dress that made me finally imagine what the dress could look like.

feather whbm $55

This is another White House Black Market dress it is $55 (used) on eBay. Because of the similar style and colors I can picture the dress a whole lot easier now.

I will probably make it in July for a pattern stash contest on I think fuschia will make a good pop of color for shoes and maybe a boloero.

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Sewing bargainista part 3

I started by sewing the other back neckband peice to the one sewn on the shirt, leaving enough of an opening to turn it.


I turned it right side out.


I will hand stitch the opening later.

I gathered the front, and sewed on the front neckband.


I’ll admit that I pinned the neckband together and tried it on. It will be wearable but if I make it again I will be making a few changes.

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There it’s fixed!

I think he’ll be happy now!!

My husband’s knit work hat was starting to come apart.


I stitched accross it so it wouldn’t fray any farther.


I used the thread I already had on the machine but it hard to see and is on the inside of the hat so it will be compleatly hidden.

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Itsy Bitsy spider

I know I know Easter is just a couple of days away. But at $1.11 per yard, and being enough for part of my daughter’s Halloween costume I decided to buy the just over 2 yards remaining on the bolt.


I’m not sure I can combine vampire and pirate into a “vampirate” like she wants but this will definitely work for a vampire.

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