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Deviled eggs

At the request of my kids, who saw colored deviled eggs while sitting on my lap when I was on Pinterest. We made the eggs we are taking to the Easter lunch just a little more special. It was the … Continue reading

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Sewing lesson, doll dress part 2

I started out the lesson by having my daughter hem the skirt of the dress and the sleeves first. She is getting much straighter at sewing, either because this is her 3rd project or because of the rubber band I … Continue reading

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Sewing lesson doll dress part 1

My daughter asked me for another sewing lesson while I was going through a bunch of old patterns that I was given. She saw the doll cloths pattern and insisted on sewing one for her sewing lesson. She then went … Continue reading

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Dying eggs.

My kids and I went to my parent’s house to have lunch and dye eggs. Not much too it, my mom already had the eggs boiled and I grabbed a dye kit. We added vinegar to the dye according to … Continue reading

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Downloading sewing patterns

I have seen downloadable patterns on several websites, including downloadable options for patterns that are also available in pre printed versions. I have scoured, and also looked at Burda. I would really like to find a downloadable pattern … Continue reading

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Cleaning a sewing machine

I should really clean my machine, especially since it is a better machine. But I can’t get the screws loose. But pinterest if full of good tutorials for machine maintaince, I found some good links to share.

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Finishing up alterations

I finished up the alterations for the dress that the zipper was already coming undone on. I started by folding over the strap about an inch (in the back) and pinning it. Then I hand stitched on all 4 sides … Continue reading

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