Almost Fazoli’s breadsticks

I have been trying for years to find a recipie that is even a little close to Fazoli’s breadsticks. I have FINALLY found one that is pretty close.

I cut the batch down to 1/3 of the original. I only kneaded until it looked thoroughly mixed, and the rest of the times were the same. (amount of time for dough to rise and baking)

I forgot to take pictures of the mixing process, but this is what they looked like after shaping the dough.

They rose nicely and baked quickly.

They were the best breadsticks I have ever made, my son has been asking for them at every meal since I made them.

About alwaystimetoprocraftinate

I am a homemaker that loves to start but now always finish project. I have been married 11 years, with 2 children that will both be in school this year.
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2 Responses to Almost Fazoli’s breadsticks

  1. mydearbakes says:

    This is such a marvelous looking bake! =D

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