Swimsuit bottoms part 1

For anyone that doesn’t remember that doesn’t remember I am using Jalie 3023.


Awhile back I traced the pattern into my size and, made a tank top to check the fit. The only part I didn’t like the fit on was the bust area but that was a simple adjustment I made when I was cutting out the swimsuit.

I started sewing the bottoms at the crotch seams.

I repeated the same with the lining, the directions only say to line the front but I prefer to line the whole piece.

I forgot to stretch this part while sewing or use the stretch stitch but that shouldn’t be a problem on this seam.

Then I sewed the 2 layers to the waistband front and back.

This time I remembered to stretch it while I sewed, it seems to go faster this way even with going over it twice.

I decided to take a break since the dog was bugging me to go outside and play but this only took about 45 min. so far.



About alwaystimetoprocraftinate

I am a homemaker that loves to start but now always finish project. I have been married 11 years, with 2 children that will both be in school this year.
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