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Making swimsuit more modest

My sister didn’t like how low¬†the front of her swimsuit goes down, she only wears it a few times a year and there are always children present. She picked out a purple fabric, ok she let my daughter pick it … Continue reading

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Finishing tonic t-shirt

I changed the needle to a double needle, and threaded the machine. Then I pinned the sleeve and bottom hems and sewed on the right side of the fabric. (the bottom side will have zig-zag stitching, the top will have … Continue reading

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Croc liner bottom

Incase you have forgotten I found a croc/clog liner crochet pattern. I started with my son’s and got the first bottom done, I started with his because his feet are the smallest so I will get an idea of … Continue reading

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Tonic t-shirt part 2

Now that I had both shoulder seams finished I serged the sleeves on. And of course I followed that step by serging up the side seams. This shirt is very a very easy project. And although you won’t see me … Continue reading

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Sewing tonic t-shirt part 1

I started with one shoulder seam, and the neck band. Then I did the other shoulder seam. I love the ready to wear look that the serger is giving the shirt.

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Copycat refashion shorts finished!

After touching up the paint and letting it dry I removed the freezer paper stencils.   Then of course I tried on my finished refashion. I really like how these turned out but I will probably only wear them around … Continue reading

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Copycat refashion shorts 2

I decided that the stars looked a little light so I added some black to my watered down paint, and painted over them again. Once they were dry I removed the freezer paper, some of the paint bled under the … Continue reading

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