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Four feet warmer

I finished 2 pairs of croc liners today! My son’s And mine. Theese are very warm but they make the crocs pretty snug, they would probably be better suited for a croc that comes with a liner.

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One more down

I shut off the computer for longer than usual today, while the kids were playing with their Christmas presents I finished one of my croc liners. I hope I can get the other one finished tomorrow, and that they are … Continue reading

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Package to hair bow

This was on one of the gifts my daughter was given on Christmas. It isn’t the usual paper ribbon. And soon it will be a hair bow. I just need to find the barrets I picked up a while back. … Continue reading

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Now that Christmas is over

I can show this pair of earrings to you. I put them with a gift card in a white elephant gift exchage, grandma ended up with them. I selected theese becouse they didn’t say a brand like most shotgun shells … Continue reading

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Finishing the tractor cake

After the fbct was froze I put a layer of white icing over the entire tractor. Then I stuck it back in the freezer, until it was compleatly frozen. I also frosted the cake while it was in the freezer. … Continue reading

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Tractor cake part one

My son’s birthday was the other day. Yup I came home with him on Christmas Eve just a few short years ago. He wanted a green tractor cake. Since I don’t have a 3D tractor pan (or know anyone with … Continue reading

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Wrapping presents

I didn’t have time to craft today, I wrapped presents. I wanted to get at least the kids presents wrapped. This is just a small sampling of what I wrapped. I have one left to go but I need to … Continue reading

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Holiday nail art

I stamped my nails with Christmas pictures today. I should have probably cleaned them up a bit more, but I like how they turned out.

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Teacher gifts

The kids and I made ornaments for their teachers again this year. We started with plain ornaments, buttons, and glue. And glued the buttons to the ornaments. The kids helped but I did most of the glueing.

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Holiday tie

My son loves his ties, I’m not really sure why but he does. I finished his holiday tie for this year. And I almost matched up the stripes in the back. I also cleaned and oiled my sewing machine and … Continue reading

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