Not so LBD

Ever since my husband was asked to stand up in a wedding next fall I have been on a search for a dress, even though I have several that I have only worn a few times. I have also wanted a LBD for a while.

I came across this Robert Rodriguez dress on eBay, (it is a Neimann Marcus for Target but I have yet to see it anywhere other than eBay) For used dresses like this one it starts at $30 (plush shipping of course) and for new the price starts at $80.


While $30 isn’t too scary of a price, it has a built in bra. In that case it will most likely NOT fit me and be difficult to alter to fit.

Instead, I hope to make something similar. I like how the hem on both the top and bottom of the dress is scallops from slavage edge of the fabric, and how it isn’t just black but still has the feel of a LBD.

Lucky for my my pattern stash contains Simplicity 4070, (which I got on sale for $1 a while ago) it seems to be a popular pattern judging from the many reveiws it has and the fact that at it is currently on back order. And as motivation to get it done is having a pattern stash contest in July.

robrodcopy 1

robrodcopy 2

I will likely sew veiw C without the bubble hem, or a combination of veiws D and E. As long as I can find a lace with similar scallops on the edges I should be able to recreate it easily.


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I am a homemaker that loves to start but now always finish project. I have been married 11 years, with 2 children that will both be in school this year.
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