DIY sugar wax

I’m more of a crafter and diy’er than a beauty blogger but sometimes I can combine the diy’s or crafts into beauty.

Sugar waxing is a hair removal method similar to waxing, instead of strips it a putty and you can go over the same area multiple times if you need to. I used to sugar my legs and underarms until I ran out of the tub I had and couldn’t find more. I came across a recipe for it!

I had to try twice before it turned out, I didn’t use a candy thermometer the first time and it turned into a hard candy. (whoops!) The second time with thermometer I heated it to 250 (hard ball) and it worked perfectly.

This video I found on YouTube shows how to use it.

It can be painful but isn’t nearly as bad as traditional waxing and this recipe is cheap to make!


About alwaystimetoprocraftinate

I am a homemaker that loves to start but now always finish project. I have been married 11 years, with 2 children that will both be in school this year.
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