Raffle basket

Each of the classes at my kids’ school are making raffle baskets for a fundraiser. My son’s class is doing a scrapbook theme, so I picked up a few packs of stickers on sale for %50 off.

My daughter’s class is doing a baking theme basket. She insisted on hot pads really big hot pads.

She picked the fabric and told the person at the cutting table what is was for, she paitently when my every marking (1/4, 1/3 ect.) on the cutting table until it got to a size she liked.

After we got home I cut 2 out as big as I could. (with my daughter’s supervision)


And cut the insul-brite.


After sewing the loop, I sewed most of the way around all 4 sides, sewing the loop in where my daughter wanted it, and leaving enough of an opening to turn them after trimming excess and corners.


Then a zig-zag all the way around and they are done.


My daughter is going to love how these turned out, maybe the next hot pads can be a sewing lesson.


About alwaystimetoprocraftinate

I am a homemaker that loves to start but now always finish project. I have been married 11 years, with 2 children that will both be in school this year.
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