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Tipsy topsy

After some storms that brought rain and strong winds I woke up to my topsy-turvy planter looking a little tipsy. I was able to get the pots off without disrupting the plants, and my husband put pipe around the allthread … Continue reading

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Planted the flowers

In my topsy-turvy planter. If you remember my post from when I bought them I picked up wave petunias. And it is supposed to rain tonight so I shouldn’t have to water them again. (I did water them when I … Continue reading

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I picked up the flowers for my topsy turvy planter today. I selected wave petunias because as they grow they will flow over the edges of the pots and look like they are spilling out.   Incase you have forgotten … Continue reading

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Topsy turvey tower

  There is a rebar post 12-18 inches into the ground. The biggest pot is 18 inches around (the biggest pot used to be the second from the bottom) Then I tipped the pots and filled them with potting soil. … Continue reading

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