Since my husband started making slings we tend to have some smaller pieces of para-cord lying around.

We were asked about making a lanyard. After a little research we found a simple one. So simple that neither my husband or I could figure it out, but our daughter could. She did the lighter stitch and my husband did the other stitch. we had the key ring lying around the house.


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Another great site

I know I haven’t been crafty lately but I haven’t had time. I did however find a site that has been one of my favorites to check.

top-secret recipies

There are a few recipe books and there was a short lived show.

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Running out

I am starting to run out of earring ideas for my cousin for Christmas. I know it is now February and I just had a Holiday party this weekend. And now that I have given my cousin her earrings, I can share the other 2 pairs.

If you remember there was the Aww nuts nutcracker earrings.



I will probably be making myself both of these as well.

And hopefully I remembered where I put the fabric for my swimsuit, there is still time for the active wear contest.

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Bobber that is. I have had these tiny bobbers in my stash for a while. I finally made the earrings I had been planning.



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Was supposed to be.

The shipping date for my order from was supposed to be here today. But it’s not. I don’t blame them, every other order I have placed with them was on or before the expected delivery date. But not when there is freezing rain.

so it should be here tomorrow.!

Until I get them I can’t make the earrings I wanted to. (both for myself and for gifts) but I can provide a link to my favorite part of their website. Their gallary of designs

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Where oh where

I came across a pair of earrings that I absolutely adore, but only the picture and no link for purchase or instructions to make them.

snow ear

I could probably wing it, but more pictures would be helpful. I am fairly sure that it is one continuous piece of wire, with a little wire wrapped around for stability.

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Overalls Dress Refashion — Darts and Gathers

My overalls were probably my favorite item of clothing that I didn’t make. I had been wearing them even though they were too short for awhile and it was finally time to give them up (they were almost to my knees). Initially I was going to sew them into overall shorts, but I knew they […]

via Overalls Dress Refashion — Darts and Gathers

This isn’t mine, but I would have loved this when I was younger. I might have to try talking my daughter into it and living vicariously through her!

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