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Should be sewing

I should really be sewing the swimwear for this season and the projects I have started. But, I am using the cutting machine instead. I made a fathers day card. I cut the Browning logo and used draw to write … Continue reading

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Camo headband

My daughter has wanted a camo hairband for a while now. After chopping of 13 inches of her hair and donating it. She asked again. I got the supplies. A plain un-covered headband and camo ribbon. I cut off two … Continue reading

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it’s a start

My husband finally got the shells and casings cut, drilled, and started polishing. I also started assembling the necklace. I absolutly can’t wait to see theese peices finished, not only because I think they will look awesome but I look … Continue reading

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Somehow it doesn’t work.

After my son deconstructed my daughter’s slap bracelet a while ago and discovering that they are made with a tape measure the kids have been bugging me almost daily to try making some. I bought a cheap tape measure for … Continue reading

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Another flannel.

Since my the first flannel for my husband turned out so well, (so well that his boss doesn’t believe that I made it) and my husband likes to stay warm during hunting season, I am making him 2 orange flannels. … Continue reading

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Almost finished!

Yup I am finally almost finished with the Peter Pan costume! Nothing like a bribe of promising to work on the costume to get a kid to stop faking sick right?? I started out today by sewing the elastic into … Continue reading

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Cutting out costume.

I laid one of my son’s too big shirts and the leggings pattern out on the fabric. Then I cut around the pattern piece and shirt, leaving enough room for seam allowance. I also found a buckle for the belt, … Continue reading

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