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Try dye

I don’t know how or why this idea came to my mind. But I got my shirt, and taped off what I didn’t want dyed. Then, using an empty (and cleaned) spice shaker I sprinkled the dye powder mixed with … Continue reading

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Perfect 10 finished

After weeding the vinyl stencil saying perfect 10 for my shirt, I placed it onto my shirt. Then I painted it. And peeled the vinyl of after it was dry. I probably should have smoothed it out better, but I … Continue reading

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First scan and cut project

I was so exited to use my machine that I forgot to take pics. I started with the image. (and the rest of my supplies) It didn’t scan clearly so I had to trace it but then it worked better. … Continue reading

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Spiral tye dye

I swirled the shirts around so I could create a spiral tie-dye. And put rubber bands around them. and alternated sections of yellow and green dyes. I would have dyed my shirt also, but there wasn’t enough dye for all … Continue reading

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Burda Kids 9524

All I did was cut out the pattern today, I have never seen pieces that weren’t labeled on the piece as to what they were. And the puppy only got to 1 pattern piece. And a few pieces of tape … Continue reading

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turtle power part 2

I have until store close on the 19th at whatever time the store closes to get this costume finished. I am pretty sure I can. Today I made the shirt. I added the elbow pads into the seams instead of … Continue reading

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