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Got it out!

Even though I liked how my hat turned out I didn’t like the placement of the design. I decided to try and get it out. After an internet search I found this video While I used glitter and glue instead … Continue reading

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Finished shorts and a trick

I finished my pajama shorts today. I sewed the hem, and casing. When putting in the casing I tried a trick, folding up one end of the elastic and putting an office clip on it. It didn’t work for me … Continue reading

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This might sound crazy

But it’s time. Time to measure your tape measures. YUP!! I said measure your tape measures. That is the flexible kind that can slightly stretch over time. This could cause fit issues when sewing and gauge issues when knitting or … Continue reading

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Diy foaming hand soap

I have been making this for over a year now, it takes about 6 months to use up a 64 oz liquid soap refill. (unless one of the kids decides making bubbles with it is too much fun.) I also … Continue reading

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My husband put the snaps on the first flannel, but not until after I marked where they went. I lined up the buttonholes of the first flannel and marked though them. And my husband put the snaps on. He got … Continue reading

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Trick or stick?

Lately when I have been using any adhesive, I have been putting plastic wrap between the container and the lid/cap. If the glue dries it won’t make it difficult to open. I felt it was super important with the E600 … Continue reading

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