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New bead storage

For a while I had several tackle boxes and stuff lying around not organized at all. So I finally bought a tackle box that is big enough for everything. It took a few hours to switch all the beads over, … Continue reading

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Keeping them together.

I mean keeping the earrings I cleaned yesterday together. With all these pairs of earrings with nothing more than a jewelry box to store them in. I thought it would be a good idea to find something to keep the … Continue reading

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Clever storage ideas.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I do the same as this picture recommends. An over door shoe organizer filled with the little things such as spices and small packages of things that would easily get stuck … Continue reading

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Hair elastic storage

My daughter has a ton of hair elastics. They seem to get lost easily, and they take up a lot of space just lying around in her hair stuff tub. A while back I saw the idea to use a … Continue reading

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Tie storage.

My son LOVES his ties, I have made him 6 allready. I think he likes them so much becasue I made them, or because he is the center of attention for a few moments when someone tells him how handsome … Continue reading

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