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DIY screen print part 1

A while ago I picked up an embroidery hoop for $1. I finally found a picture that both the kids liked. I put the nylon over the hoop ( I slipped the inner hoop into the knee high (which was … Continue reading

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Paint pens

This year for the teacher’s Christmas gifts I want to decorate mugs with either a teachery saying or initials. I had coupons for Joann’s and picked these up. I will probably practice on my own plates or bowls. (I have … Continue reading

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Before I use my new dye pot

Before I get to use my new dye pot. I have to let my husband put new fletchings on his arrows. (the feathery looking part on the back) After that I will try my best to keep it clean enough … Continue reading

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Sand on my shoes

I had been thinking of using sand instead of glitter on a pair of shoes for quite a while. When I got this pair last week I knew this was the pair of shoes I had been waiting for! Just … Continue reading

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Diy laundry soap

I have never made it myself but I save my bottles when I buy it and split the cost with some relatives when they make it. The soap  itself doesn’t smell the greatest but it isn’t noticeable once the laundry … Continue reading

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One foot forward

I picked up these shoes for 99 cents!! I will be refashioning them in a way that I haven’t seen before. But if they turn out the way I am picturing I will probably be starting a trend. Yup! I’m … Continue reading

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My new favorite cheese spread

My kids love cheese spread on crackers, while my husband and I don’t enjoy it as much as they do, we still enjoy it. We didn’t have any in the house, but have plenty of crackers. After exploring a bunch … Continue reading

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Inappropriate shirt finished

The inappropriate shirt for my father in law is finally finished! I only cut out a few of the letters at a time on the rest of the stencil, but last night when I took a break from cutting out the … Continue reading

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Big plans for this one

I have been scouring pattern sales and websites for a good cardigan, of course when I find one I can’t actually find it. (as in the stores always seem to be out of it) McCall’s 6708 The reason I … Continue reading

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Better dye job

Since I had more dye and it was getting old (but does that really matter in dye?) I thought I would try again. It’s better (as in there is actually more noticeable color now) and I know what I did wrong if … Continue reading

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