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It’s cookie time

My cousin dropping off the Girl Scout Cookies that her daughter was selling got me thinking, not only about Troop Beverly Hills, but recipes for knock off cookies. I plan to try most of these. years ago when my husband … Continue reading

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Old switcheroo

I don’t remember when or where I got theese earrings. I like the charm but don’t really care for that style earring hook. The good thing is I usually have spare hooks. So I switched to fish-hook style earrings. Swtiching … Continue reading

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Cut and ready to sew

I didn’t have much time to craft so far today but I did manage to get the blanket and burp rags cut out. I cut a square the width of the fabric for both the solid and the print. I … Continue reading

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1 of 3

I will be attending 3 baby showers by the end of this summer. I know that 2 of the mom’s to be are expecting girls, I am not sure what gender the other baby will be. I plan to make … Continue reading

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Tie storage.

My son LOVES his ties, I have made him 6 allready. I think he likes them so much becasue I made them, or because he is the center of attention for a few moments when someone tells him how handsome … Continue reading

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I wish I had more time to do stuff today, but I really want to try these “sltty brownies” I can almost taste them. I have made oreos inside chocolate chip cookies and I have made brownies with chocolate … Continue reading

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No I am not making something for a baby not today anyway. I have found a pattern shop called PeekaBoo patterns on etsy. I am not getting it today, but I would really like the boys shirt pattern.

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Thinking spring.

I can’t help but think spring, with this warm up. (and by warm up I mean barely above freezing…it’s better than below zero) So after spending a few hours circling parking lots and hoping vulture like sales people didn’t come … Continue reading

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Rubber band loom

My daughter has been asking for a rubber band loom for her birthday, and even though it is a few months away I picked one up on sale. I also grabbed a couple refill packs. I might just give it … Continue reading

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