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Jalie 2908 for me

Before I started tracing it I cut a 2 foot wide piece of the drop cloth. I did this step because I figured it would be easier to work with a smaller piece, and the remaining potion could stay rolled … Continue reading

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preparing screen print

Since I learned that I shouldn’t use my diy screen prints until a few days have passed (due to what happens when I washed it) I started with tracing the buck design. I used fabric/puff paint this time. And kept … Continue reading

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Awesome tutorial

I dislike crew neck shirts. When I wear them I am constantly tugging them away from my neck because I feel like they are choking me. I don’t have as much free time as I would like today but I … Continue reading

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Missed a step.

I decided to try to make a batch of no flour peanut butter cookies, with one ingredient substitution. I changed the peanut butter to Nutella. I put 1 egg, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup Nutella, and one tsp. of … Continue reading

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The shirt

I found the shirt I will use for my next screen print. I was hoping for black but the clearance rack didn’t have any in my size, no white either. So I went with this pinkish  color. (yup I got … Continue reading

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Next diy screen print

Recently at a rummage sale I saw a shirt with a picture of a buck that read perfect 10 on it. Of course it was the wrong size. I am going to make myself one, in a two part screen … Continue reading

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Hmmmm. Maybe

I might just try this! my pantry is in need of organization (well the 2 middle shelves anyway) But that means buying soda in a 12 pack instead of a case. Maybe the next sale.

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For a gift

I made a few pairs of earrings for a birthday gift. Since the recipient is a few years younger than my daughter I figured make them like I was making them for my daughter too. They are only a little … Continue reading

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Finishing touches?!?

I guess the things I picked up today could be considered finishing touches. Because they will be finishing touches. The zipper and buttons are for the camo pants. The black trim is for the cardigan. <a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ … Continue reading

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I might have to try these soon, but I will wait for a bbq or potluck so I don’t accidentally eat half the pan. I hope I feel like crafting tomorrow, but today it is really warm (it’s in … Continue reading

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