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Happy Halloween!

I have worn the same Halloween costume every year for 8 years now. Yes, a t-shirt that says costume. Perhaps next year I will refashion it. And of course I had to do on more Halloween manicure.

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sleeves and pockets

I have had the orange flannel cut out for a while, but just got started sewing it. I started by sewing the sleeves, and the details on the sleeves. I’m still not sold on the 2 piece sleeves, but so … Continue reading

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“Almost eclair” bodice muslin

I know I have plenty of dresses that I hardly wear, aside from the one shoulder dress I made last summer they are either ill fitting or not the most flattering. But, a bold floral fabric isn’t appropriate for a … Continue reading

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Somehow it doesn’t work.

After my son deconstructed my daughter’s slap bracelet a while ago and discovering that they are made with a tape measure the kids have been bugging me almost daily to try making some. I bought a cheap tape measure for … Continue reading

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Another Halloween nail art

I started with a plain French manicure. (yes those are my real nails) Then with a make up sponge and detail brush I put on the rest of the polishes. It looks less realistic than the original tutorial I saw. … Continue reading

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Another flannel.

Since my the first flannel for my husband turned out so well, (so well that his boss doesn’t believe that I made it) and my husband likes to stay warm during hunting season, I am making him 2 orange flannels. … Continue reading

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Tracing and adjusting

I know I have several projects I should finish before the “almost Éclair dress” but I am a little exited to try a few new techniques that I will need to/should use on this dress. (those techniques being the use … Continue reading

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Not McDonald’s apple pie part 2

After I had the crust on the pies, I cut a few slits in each pie. Then I brushed with the egg white and sprinkled on cinnamon and sugar mixture. And baked it according to directions. The puff pastry was … Continue reading

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Not McDonalds apple pie part 1

I found a copycat recipe for McDonald’s apple pie. I got the ingredients, or what I thought was the ingredients. I cut up the apples, and added the rest of the ingredients. Then I cooked them in the sauce … Continue reading

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I rolled..

A hem, actually a few hems. It has been a few weeks since I received my 3 mm rolled hem foot. I finally took the time to test it out. I tested with scraps of satin from my daughters Christmas … Continue reading

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