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A beard pattern

My son is sticking to his idea for a halloween costume to be Si from Duck Dynasty. I finally found a beard pattern. I will have to make a few changes but I will be making basicly this beard for … Continue reading

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Diy cook book

I am printing and re-printing many a recipie. Sometimes they just get lost sometimes they get greasy, dirty or wet. I picked up a binder, dividers and sheet protectors. I made my catagories, breads, sweets, main course, seasonal and other. … Continue reading

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A break from sewing

Now that I have finished sewing for the wedding I wanted to do another kind of craft. You might be sick of posts preparing for the wedding but this is the last one. I made a pair of earrings and … Continue reading

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Finished frankenpattern

I finished sewing the lining to the main fabric, it was a bit trickier because I didn’t have directions for this step. I am happy with how this turned out. I like the sleeve length the best. If I ever … Continue reading

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Frankenpattern part 2

I started sewing by sewing the front and back pieces according to the directions. It worked but I think it would have been easier to sew all the back together then each side of the front, then front to back … Continue reading

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Frankenpattern part 1

Although the contest deadline is about 3 weeks from now. My deadline is just a few days away so I can wear it to a wedding. First I am going to show both sleeve pieces. I am using the Simplicity … Continue reading

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Cluctch Refashion

When I saw this clutch at Goodwill, since it was only $2 I thought it was worth a refashion. I immediately thought of that I refashioned a while ago. The only thing I didn’t like about it, was that there … Continue reading

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