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Another good day at Goodwill

I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular at Goodwill today. But I scored a couple of great fabric finds! First a blue knit for $3. It will be enough for both a shirt for me and part of my … Continue reading

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A blast from the past.

I remember doing shrinky dinks when I was a kid. I have had these in the house for way to long and just haven’t used them. I finally tried them today. I tried to make 2 bookmarks and a pair … Continue reading

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inappropropiate shirt part 1

While it might not be completely inappropriate (given the stars replacing letters) it isn’t exactly kid friendly either. I got the inspiration for this shirt after seeing one with this same saying on someone. The saying stuck in my head. … Continue reading

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A couple of things

I bought a couple of supplies. First I bought textile medium, for painting shirts. I have one painted shirt project in mind and I want to see if it really does make a difference. Second rubber necklaces for the BFF … Continue reading

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Christmas in July

I don’t usually participate in Christmas in July. (why is it Christmas in July anyway?? shouldn’t it be June since June is the 6th month?) Unless of course it is a good sale for something I was planning on getting … Continue reading

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Making a pattern

I found a shirt I forgot I even had. I don’t know why I forgot about it, it’s really comfortable. I decided to trace it and try to make more. I started by laying my usual painters tarp over the … Continue reading

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Finished shorts and a trick

I finished my pajama shorts today. I sewed the hem, and casing. When putting in the casing I tried a trick, folding up one end of the elastic and putting an office clip on it. It didn’t work for me … Continue reading

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My sewing machine fabric pajamas

It’s been a while since I cut out the matching pajamas for my daughter and myself. I got the serger out and sewed my tag in half. And I serged up the side seam and inseam. Of course I also … Continue reading

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Maybe next time.

I didn’t get selected for Refashion Runway but hopefully I can refashion along with some of them, even if they are a little behind the official refashions, but I will at least try for a few more complicated refashions and … Continue reading

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Adding to the wishlist

We have a wedding to attend this fall, and I don’t know why but I want to make a dress. If I do make a new dress for the occasion I’d like to make Vogue 9100. I like that … Continue reading

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