3 for $2

After dropping off a donation at Goodwill, I went inside to look. I found 3 yards of this soft grew fabric for $2. (the tag says $4 but it was half price) If I had to guess I would say that it as least partially cotton.


This feels like a very soft fabric and will work great either for a dress or lining.

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McCall’s 6920 cut out

After finally finishing the swimsuit the other day I cut out my sister’s dress.

Even though the bust matches up to the bodice pieces I used for the other dress I made for her I left extra fabric around the bust area just in case.


Hopefully I will get this done next week and start on my daughters 2nd swimsuit.

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McCall’s 6759 finished!

All that was left was finishing the edges with a double needle, I thought I need one, bought 2 and found one I already had. and sewed the hem, armholes and neck opening.


Of course I did the same with the bottoms, but I used thread the same color as the fabric so it is difficult to see.
And now it is done! The fit on the bottoms is great, I would not hesitate to make them again. The top is a bit snug but I would make it again also.


And soon enough the kids will be done with school and we will get to have water fights and go swimming and test my suit out.

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Promises promises

After my daughter saw a pink and white pair of ombre pair of shorts at Goodwill she has been asking for them, that pair wasn’t her size. But I did promise to keep an eye out for another pair or one I could make into a pair like that. And today at Goodwill I found a pair that will work to refashion into a similar pair.


And with the help of 2 coupons I picked up a couple of stretch double needles, only to find the spare I already had after I got home.


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Gone fishing?

My kids like to wear the same shirts over and over whenever we go fishing. I think they might pick different shirts to wear over and over after they see these.

I started with some blank shirts that I got awhile back at Dollar Tree.


I used the squeeze bottle writing tips, to practice before painting their 4th of July shirts.



Even though we probably won’t be fishing this weekend, and they will probably be wearing life jackets over their shirts when we do go fishing I can’t wait to see the kids reactions to their newly decorated shirts.

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Canvas shoes

I wanted a pair of shoes that was light, that I could wear with out socks. I got a pair of inexpensive canvas shoes in s denim color. And they just seem blah. I will still wear them until I figure out what to do, or until I step into mud and have to cover it. (lol)


And yes I know this isn’t sewing but, I need a double needle before I can finish my swimsuit and I would like to finish it before starting any other sewing projects.

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Cutting out a pattern

I finally cut out the pattern (McCall’s 6920) for my sister’s dress. I was all set up to do a FBA (full bust adjustment) and after comparing her measurements, and a pattern that has successfully worked for her, I’m not sure that I will need to. But I will leave a bit of extra room just in case, and not serge the seams until I know it fits her properly.


Hopefully I can finish my swimsuit tomorrow and get this started this week. The contest deadline is going to sneak up on me quick!

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