Christmas in July

I don’t usually participate in Christmas in July. (why is it Christmas in July anyway?? shouldn’t it be June since June is the 6th month?) Unless of course it is a good sale for something I was planning on getting anyway. But I did make a festive pair of earrings that I have been meaning to make for a while.


It’s the angel earrings I have been meaning to make for far too long.

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Making a pattern

I found a shirt I forgot I even had. I don’t know why I forgot about it, it’s really comfortable.


I decided to trace it and try to make more. I started by laying my usual painters tarp over the top, and tracing it.


And added my seam allowance.


I plan cut strips for the arm holes and neckline, I just haven’t figured exactly what method I am going to use to attach them.

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Finished shorts and a trick

I finished my pajama shorts today. I sewed the hem, and casing. When putting in the casing I tried a trick, folding up one end of the elastic and putting an office clip on it.


It didn’t work for me this time because it was too snug in the casing, but if I had a smaller clip or slightly wider casing it would have been great. I ended up doing the usual safety pin method.

After sewing the elastic in place, I sewed in the tag when I finished sewing the casing.


And now my shorts are done! I can’t wait to wear them. I won’t miss my well worn pair of pajama shorts.


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My sewing machine fabric pajamas

It’s been a while since I cut out the matching pajamas for my daughter and myself.

I got the serger out and sewed my tag in half.


And I serged up the side seam and inseam.


Of course I also serged the other leg and around both legs at the bottom and around the waist.


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Maybe next time.

I didn’t get selected for Refashion Runway but hopefully I can refashion along with some of them, even if they are a little behind the official refashions, but I will at least try for a few more complicated refashions and enter again when there is another season of Refashion Runway.

I’m not sure which ones I will refashion along with. But the refashions are.

Combine floral and stripes or geometric


Handbag, tote, or clutch

Maxi skirt or dress


I already have an idea in mind for the floral/stripes or geometric but no garments to refashion.

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Adding to the wishlist

We have a wedding to attend this fall, and I don’t know why but I want to make a dress. If I do make a new dress for the occasion I’d like to make Vogue 9100.



I like that it has custom fit (different pattern pieces for different cup sizes) and pockets! I might add invisible zippers to the pockets too, that way I won’t always have my hands in them, and I won’t have to be worried my stuff will fall out.

This is only in the planning stages at this time, I still have plenty of time to wait for a sale for the pattern and find the perfect fabric.

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Balloon tying tool

After seeing a few different balloon tying tools while I was comparing prices of water balloons, (online of course) I decided to try making my own.

I used leftover swirled pieces of polymer clay leftover from other projects.


It is a little tricky, but you pretty much wrap the balloon around the tool instead of your fingers and wrap the end through the “C” shape.


It does take a little practice, but is better than sore fingers (but not as good as the hose attachments for filling water balloons)

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