Another idea.

I have found another idea for the teacher gifts.

A lip balm cozy keychain.

Perhaps I could even combine them, and make a lip balm holding lanyard.


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Teacher gifts

I know I should be finishing any project I have started. But I am a klutz. I somehow managed to take the corner of the screen door to the back of my ankle. OUCH!

Since I found out my son’s teacher for this year I have been trying to figure out what to do for a teacher gift for Christmas. He has the same teacher as last year because she switched grades. My daughter also had the teacher one year. When my daughter had her I made an ornament, last year when my son had her we did sharpie mugs.

This year I am thinking of making this lanyard as long as I can get the hooks locally.

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earbud pouches part 1

Not too long ago I posted an Earbud pouch photo tutorial. Since school is starting in less than 2 weeks I need to get them made.

I skipped the inner layer of a cushioning fabric and used a flannel instead.

My son picked all flannel scraps from pajamas I made for him. My daughter picked snowflake flannel from one of my pajama pants, and I’m don’t remember what the purple is from. The yellow and pink zippers were given to me by my neighbor. (I will have to show her these for sure)


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Honey Do list.

I know I should be crafting, but I am procrastinating for the last few days before school starts.

I did however add something to the honey do list.

A dog bowl holder. The silly puppy likes to move the food dish around with her nose. (but not the water dish. And sometimes it ends up spilled which is worse than stepping on a lego. I am getting tired of keeping an eye out for the dishes to make sure no one trips over them.

This should be heavy enough for the dog not to move and not tip over when she tries. (If she can I’m sure we could weigh it down somehow.)

dog dish

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Essential oils

Essential oils keep popping up on my and other social media accounts. I have become curious.

My husband gets a cold sore every few months. I get them occasionally myself. We usually try home remedies and resort to the expensive over the counter remedies.  I came across this.

cold sore remedy

Since I like my homemade lip balms ans sea salt scrub so much.  I might give this a try. I have one of the essential oils already and all the base ingredients. (I keep tea tree oil on hand and add it to my daughters condioner and detagling spray after several notes about other kids with lice in her class came close together)

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simple shoe refashion

I may have mentioned we  have a wedding coming up this fall. I will be wearing a dress I already owned, and probably a bolero or cardigan. But I wanted to craft something for the event. I also need to keep it cheap. My husband was asked to be a groomsman at the last minute. (to fill for someone else that couldn’t standup anymore, he was asked about a week before the fitting)

What better to refashion with things I already have! I started with a denim colored pair of ballet flats accent with zippers. I hardly ever wear them because of the color. I got them a few years ago on clearance.






I mixed 2 parts black acrylic paint, 1 part acrylic medium, and 3 parts water and painted the fabric part. When I got paint on the zippers I wiped it off with a q-tip





I love how these turned out. This is my favorite shoe refashion to date. I will probably wear them more often now that they are a more neutral color. These flats would probably be more comfortable than any heel would escpecially since it is an outdoor wedding.

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Good idea!

I might have to use this idea for my mixer.


I will try to get crafting soon. There is a refashion I want to tackle as well as few small sewing projects.

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