Cutting out my jeans.

I didn’t get as much done as I would like, because I am puppy proofing. We are getting a new puppy soon, even though she is young we are going to start training her for bird hunting right away. (so there might be a few posts about her training in the future)

But I did get my jeans cut out. I didn’t get pics of that (because the battery’s on the charger now) But I did snap one of the pattern pinned to the fabric.


I know I am going to like them, but I will probably concentrate on my son’s costume. I am going to try to enter it into a contest at a craft store and only have until the 19th to enter.

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Less is more

Less is more, a while ago I picked up a camo long sleeve t-shirt for my husband. I picked it up thinking he would like it for duck hunting. He would… with one exception, the orange. It sticks out like a sore thumb when you want to blend in, and he doesn’t always want to button it.


So I got some paint and a sponge brush out. And even though I didn’t have any green or brown I managed to get most of the orange covered and it still looks somewhat camouflaged.


If the buttons fall off I will touch up behind them, now he wont stand out when he wants to be hidden.

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3rd times a charm

Remember this yellow 3/4 sleeve shirt I got for free?


I tried to dye it in the wash machine, first time dying in a washer it changed color but not in a way I liked.


So I tried again, in the washer. It was better but still not great.


Not that weather is cooling I will probably want to wear it, but not like it was. So I tried again, but this time in a dye pot.

And this time I love it!!


Although it doesn’t look like it in the picture, it is evenly dyed, except for the thread which stayed yellow.

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Instead of mugs

When I got the fabric for the hot pads I picked up a few more supplies. I sent each of the kids (and my sister too) with some money and a coupon for the paint markers. I also picked up another pack of dye. (for a 3rd attempt to dye the once yellow shirt)


Now that I have more colors I don’t dislike the orange in the mugs quite so much, the kids and I will pick a design, get a rough sketch on paper and then a final design on the mug.

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Raffle basket

Each of the classes at my kids’ school are making raffle baskets for a fundraiser. My son’s class is doing a scrapbook theme, so I picked up a few packs of stickers on sale for %50 off.

My daughter’s class is doing a baking theme basket. She insisted on hot pads really big hot pads.

She picked the fabric and told the person at the cutting table what is was for, she paitently when my every marking (1/4, 1/3 ect.) on the cutting table until it got to a size she liked.

After we got home I cut 2 out as big as I could. (with my daughter’s supervision)


And cut the insul-brite.


After sewing the loop, I sewed most of the way around all 4 sides, sewing the loop in where my daughter wanted it, and leaving enough of an opening to turn them after trimming excess and corners.


Then a zig-zag all the way around and they are done.


My daughter is going to love how these turned out, maybe the next hot pads can be a sewing lesson.

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Forget coffee

Why forget coffee? I don’t like coffee, or at least I haven’t tried one I like the taste let alone the smell of. That is why I wrote “forget coffee where’s the cocoa?” on my mug. I did 2 coats of color on all areas. I took this pic before sticking it in the oven.


As you can see I kept soapy water on hand in case of a screw up, this stuff might me permanent but, washing it immediately would have at least made it less noticeable. It isn’t perfect, but it will be a great test of the process.. It is currently in a 375 degree oven for 40 min, where it will also need to cool.

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No I didn’t get mugged. I found a set of mugs at Goodwill for $4, and they also happened to be half price! I’m not sure I will actually use these for the DIY sharpie mugs for the kids’ teacher’s gifts this year (because of the orange inside and it won’t look the best with the sharpies I have) but at 50 cents apiece they are certainly worth practicing on.


I haven’t decided if I will do a design or just let the kids decorate for their teacher, but I am going to give them mugs with a single serve(or two) of hot cocoa in them.

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