I don’t do a lot of dips in the slow cooker, but this video makes me want to.

I think it would work as long as the foil “wall” was stiff enough and the temperature was low enough to not melt the liner.

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Wedding card

I probably shouldn’t spoil this by posting this before I give it. But with the wedding recipients probably putting the final touches together I don’t think they will see it (it’s less than 2 weeks away)

For the outside I made myself some heart stencils and drew with silver and gold gel pens. The hook and antler heart is cut out of separate paper, after I glued glitter on the hook.


For the inside I drew it with one of the markers provided with my scan n cut, and colored it in with gel pen.


Aside from it curling up when I removed it from the cutting mat and a few smears from the gel pen I love how this turned out. Aside from having trouble removing the card from the mat making this card was fun! I will be making more in the future. I also have decided I need the universal pen holder for my machine so I can use most markers and gel pens that I already have rather than buying the special markers all the time. (not only will getting the pen holder expand the palate of colors available but it will save me from buying the expensive special markers)

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stretchy hair comb finished!

It was a lot easier to work on once the knot was staying tied after I glued it. I wrapped around and knotted at the end of each row. (aside from just knotting the beginning and end)


I like how this turned out, and it holds a lot better than the wire combs. (at least for my hair) my daughter wants a matching one.

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DIY stretchy comb part 2

I tied one end of my piece of string to an end of the hair comb, and started adding my beads.

My knot came undone, I re-tied it.

I added more beads.

Repeat the last 2 sentences.

So this time I added a dot of glue, and am now waiting for it to dry.


Once the glue dries I will keep working on it. So far it seems to be turning out so far.


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Wedding card

After not liking any of the cards I have seen so far in stores, I have decided to make a card. I have found a couple hearts that I like for the front.

wedding 2

I like this one but will re-create it by over lapping 3 individual hearts that I can use for free.

And this one. You have seen this heart before when I made Fishin’ hat take 2.

wedding card

I will over lap this on top of the other heart(s).

Unless I find something I like better the inside will say

Hunt together

Fish together

Love together.


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DIY stretchy comb part 1

After deciding what I wanted to try to make with the leftover hair combs, I started searching for instructions.

I actually found a couple of videos!

I might try to use elastic cord instead of ponytail holders but had the supplies for a beaded comb.

I might make the combs slightly different from in the videos.

I glued beads  on the edges leaving enough space to wrap the cord in between. If the stretchy combs don’t work I will still have some spiffy hair combs.


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DIY Non-Slip Crochet Slippers

My husband has used this stuff in tools before I would have never thought of using it for slippers. It is a great idea! I may have to start crocheting again.

HodgePodge Crochet

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com/ DIY Non-Slip Crochet Slippers

I get asked a lot about crochet booties. I think it’s probably the number one thing that most crocheters silently drool over but don’t really tend to tackle until they have their basic crochet skill set nailed down. (You kinda have to make two identical shoes!!)

However, with such AMAZINGslipperpatterns byMamachee * Crochet makes me happy!and Two Girls Patterns, most of us generally get to that point where you have FINALLY mastered your own pair only to find out what the pattern doesn’t mention is that, if you’re not careful, you’ll probably break your neck while using them as yarn tends to slide when covering feet….

So what can you do to save all that heartache from having two perfect slippersthat you are too afraid to use? You get your craft on in the hardware section!

Let me introduce you to Plasti-Dip! For those of you who…

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