Pattern weights

I think I have posted about this before, but I should make a few more. Since I should start sewing swimsuits for this summer soon.

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My Favorite!

Sorry for not posting in what seems like forever! My schedule has been crazy. I have been crafting but not taking pics or posting. I will try to get better about it again.  Anyway Milano cookies are one of my favorites!! I hope I get time to try this soon. (which is why I am sharing it.. to make sure I can find it again)


If you’re reading this… welcome! This is my very first blog post and I promise I’ll try not to be too awkward. Okay, let’s start off with these copycat Milano Cookies I found on Pinterest from, Pure Wow by Erin Mcdowell. They are amazing and might even be better than the original Milano cookies…. Just kidding, […]

via CopyCat Milano Cookies — Sweeter Than Your Average

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True type font converter

I haven’t posted in way too long! Anyway…. I have been looking for a different job, with no luck so far, crafting (mostly Iron on Vinyl shirts some of which I can’t share) But I am exited after searching and searching there is a new true type font converter that works with any font already on my computer (and any free one I choose to download)

I have been getting files ready to cut for shirts that hopefully I can share soon. Thanks to a half off sale at Michael’s craft store’s recent sale on iron on vinyl (and my in-law’s for adding to my stash)

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Try dye

I don’t know how or why this idea came to my mind. But I got my shirt, and taped off what I didn’t want dyed.



Then, using an empty (and cleaned) spice shaker I sprinkled the dye powder mixed with salt onto the dry shirt. And sprayed it lightly  with a mixture of warm water and vinegar, and let it dry.


Once it was dry I shook off as much as I could and removed the tape, sandwiched it between 2 old towels and washed it.


Aside from the fact that the stripes turned out purple instead of black it is exactly how I pictured it. I will be making more shirts using this technique.!

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Stencil painting


My daughter outgrew her favorite denim shorts with white stars on them. I did find a few possibilities  but I either didn’t like the price or it wasn’t available in a size that she needed.

So I made a stencil (out of a flexible cutting mat) and grabbed some stencil brushes, and some white paint, as well as some plain shorts she already had (probably from a rummage sale) which she didn’t wear often.


I held the stencil in place with tack it over and over glue (the same stuff I use to make my cutting mat sticky again) and holding it in place.


I really like how they turned out, so does my daughter even though she wishes the stars were brighter.

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Long time again.

The kids went to a car show went to a car show with their grandpa. I finally have time to post a project I finished a while ago.

I finished my daughter’s first tankini swimsuit about a month ago!. I haven’t had a chance to blog it until now. I used fabric I had intended for myself but I might still have enough left.



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Too Long


It has been too long since I last posted. I am tired after work a lot or just don’t have time to craft. I still plan on making my daughter her swimsuits because of her fit issues.

I did get the patterns traced.


I also ordered the Jalie Nico pattern that I wanted for future rash guards. My copy has a minor typo.



(it says girl’s and woman’s instead of men and boys)

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