Where oh where

I came across a pair of earrings that I absolutely adore, but only the picture and no link for purchase or instructions to make them.

snow ear

I could probably wing it, but more pictures would be helpful. I am fairly sure that it is one continuous piece of wire, with a little wire wrapped around for stability.

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Overalls Dress Refashion — Darts and Gathers

My overalls were probably my favorite item of clothing that I didn’t make. I had been wearing them even though they were too short for awhile and it was finally time to give them up (they were almost to my knees). Initially I was going to sew them into overall shorts, but I knew they […]

via Overalls Dress Refashion — Darts and Gathers

This isn’t mine, but I would have loved this when I was younger. I might have to try talking my daughter into it and living vicariously through her!

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A little bigger

I wasn’t expecting to get so many hours being part time, that’s retail for ya. Things are slowing down at work. But I did get some online retail therapy with a gift card I got for Christmas. I bought a 12×24 cutting mat for my scan and cut!


From Amazon

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Aww nuts

Aw Nutcrackers is more like it!

I made this pair of Nutcracker earrings out of beads I already had! I wish I had more of the flat black to make another set as a gift.


If I make another set it will be for the same cousin I made earrings for last year. She is getting the kids a gift again. I might make earrings that are seasonal for other seasons too.

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Salt and pepper

My husband and I have had metal salt and pepper shakers similar to these for a long time.

The main difference is ours are metal and you can’t see through them. I have written on them with paint pens, sharpies and it always wears off.

After a duh moment when I was cutting out a stencil (for a project you will see soon) I decided to cut out stickers for the shakers in permanent vinyl stickers for them!


As soon as the shakers are dry I will put them on. hopefully it will last longer than any other labeling method, I am tired of guessing. pepper doesn’t go well in most of my baking! LOL!!!

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Now that the surprise party has come and gone, I can share the earrings I made.


The bullet casings were actually fired from the rifle she hunted with this past season! the heavier wire was more difficult to work with but it loos a lot nicer.


The beads in this pair are one of her favorite colors.

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Changing design

At first I was thinking that I would make my usual pearl inside dangling off another pearl earrings for these that my husband cut for me.


Instead I am going to put studs in(which are on a plate that will fit inside) and put the spent primers back in place. Then I will dangle a bead or two off the cut up casing.

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