Tough guy

Does this stick figure look like a “tough guy” to you?

tough guy

I didn’t draw this but for my son’s next shirt this should work.

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Make Your Own Fabric Spray Paint

Since my camera battery is charging, I couldn’t take pictures. But I bought the supplies I didn’t have to try this method for a shirt. I will combine this with a freezer paper stencil.

My Crazy Blessed Life!

I have been seeing cute ideas for using fabric spray paint all over pinterest, but buying the paint seemed a bit costly to me. I decided to try and make my own instead.

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To be refashioned

I don’t wear dresses often, when I do it is typically a special event. But I liked the print and color combination on this maxi dress I found at Goodwill for $5.


After wearing it around the house a bit even though it is comfortable it isn’t for me.

I am going to refashion this into 2 tank tops one of which will get dyed for so that the stripes still show but in new colors.

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re sticky cutting mats

I have been watching videos of tips and tricks for cutting machines. Even though I don’t have one yet.

This one is on how to make the mats sticky again. If I had to guess I would say that cleaning and any other process to make the mats sticky again is universal.

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zippered pouch part 2

I sewed right sides together sandwiching the zipper in between.


And sewed most of the way around.


And turned it right side out, then hand sewed the opening.



I would have top stitched it, but I didn’t have the right shade of pink and it would have been awkward to sew near the seams. I am really happy with how this turned out. I can’t wait to switch to my new purse. But I will wait until after the up-coming city wide rummage sales.


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Zippered pouch part 1

A while back I bought myself a new purse and have yet to use it. Mostly because there isn’t a pocket for all the little things. I did find tutorial for one I liked as well as the fabric and the zipper.

And now I have finally cut out the fabric.


I think this is going to be really cute!

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This weekend

My family and I will probably be doing something similar to this.

Don’t worry I will have after pics at least. I will get back to crafting soon.

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