Breadsticks again

I have been experimenting with other breadstick recipes. The Almost Fazoli’s breadsticks are great but I found a quicker recipe. Actually it’s a pizza great pizza crust recipe with a few modifications.

The pizza crust.

1 1/4 cup warm water

2 tsp yeast

1 tsp sugar

1 tsp salt

3 1/4 cup flour.

When making the pizza I spread on buttered pan, add desired toppings and bake at 425 for about 12 minuets.

When making breadsticks I replace 1/4 cup water with milk, and add 2 tbsp. butter. After shaping breadsticks I brush melted butter and add garlic bread sprinkle. Bake at 425 about 10 minuets. Once baked they freeze great, which is good because it makes enough for 2 meals for the family (or 1 for the family and a few lunches for me while the kids are at school) the reheat instuctions are the same as the baking inscructions.IMG_3307.JPG

Actually the ones in the picture were just taken out of the freezer. I stored them in a freezer bag with as much air pushed out as possible. They were in the freezer about a month.


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veil for zombie bride.

Every zombie bride needs a veil right? Well mine thinks she does! LOL. I originally wanted to make it with a hair comb but they don’t stay in her hair very well. So I got a pack of head bands at dollar tree. I got the tulle with a 50% off coupon too.

I hand gathered the tulle and sewed it onto the headband using 1 continuous thread. I ripped a few spots and burned a few. (carefully of course) Then dripped the fabric paint to look like blood.



With they way it is sewn on I will be able to remove it after Halloween if I want to.

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zombie makeover

Since my daughter is going to be a zombie bride for Halloween I have been looking for ideas for makeup. I picked up the cheapest set that the department store had in the Halloween section. I think I can re-create this look with my makeup/and a few of the less expensive drugstore/department store brands. (and by my makeup I am only referring to blush)

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With my daughter having multiple teachers now and my son having the same teacher he had last year (she switched grades and is also a teacher my daughter had) Christmas gifts for the teachers might be tricky. The year my daughter had the teacher I did ornaments and last year I did sharpie mugs. I don’t want a repeat, at least not an exact one.

I came across this, it would be inexpensive. If I do this one I could possibly get all I need out of 1 or 2 rolls of ribbon.

But I do have a concern would this be considered too religious?

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Pumpkin Pie

When making pie crust what does one do when they don’t have a pastry blender? Many people would say fork. Not me. I say potato masher.


In fact it worked really well! Better than a pasty blender in my opinion.

I didn’t take pictures of the prep or baking process (other than the one above) but The pies turned out great!


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Dog gone it

Since my dogs are both using collars from a previous dog we had I thought it was time to get them their own. One of them happens to have a stamped take riveted to the collar. I prefer this over my other dog with one that slides over the collar or the kind that hang jingling. (I am always afraid they will get caught) Since I couldn’t find them locally and anything I could find online was extremely pricey I looked into stuff to make my own. While it was pricier than 2 tags. We will get to make 25, and the stamps can be used for other things.

Hopefully we can get it done tonight!



I won’t be showing any tags made for the sake or privacy, however IF I make something other than pet tags with this I will certainly show it.

Stay tuned (next week) for a smoked pumpkin pie! I smoked it with my husband’s help (he set it up) and it smells really good now that it is roasted.

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Art box

After getting my universal pen holder the art box that I was using isn’t big enough anymore. So I got another larger one. It was just under $2.


I also got some fine point sharpies. Now I just need to figure out how to get my mat a little less sticky. (because the Tack it over and over method is too sticky for paper) and get making cards. I will probably make Christmas cards and a few birthday cards. (I have to test the pen holder somehow)

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