I’m going to be making more bullet earrings again soon for a birthday gift. I had wire already but it broke easily and I had to re-do things more often than I would have liked.

I picked up a new roll of wire.


I will figure out a use for the old wire sooner or later.

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I’ll try

I have taken a part time job! Even at part time it will be taking from my craft time. (even though I haven’t been doing as much lately) so I will try to post at least once a week.

I have found something I really want to try. It could be awesome! Anyone know of muddy girl camo paper?

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crochet dish cloth

I have one of these laying around and I don’t care for them. (they feel too big for my hands) but Grandpa wants them and me to make more when he needs them. I will start by giving him the one I never use. However I will probably end up making him one at some point, as long as he remembers I can make them.

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found one

I finally found a shirt that will work for the Refashion idea I posted the other day.


I got it at Goodwill. It was more than I hoped to spend but I have been looking for a while, and if I get a job I might need nice button up shirts.

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DIY bath bombs.

Sorry for not being crafty lately hopefully I will feel more like it soon. After 3 hours (total) ironing hats and running the dehydrator almost half the day, I don’t feel like I need to accomplish anything today. (but we are almost ready for deer season.. the orange just needs to come back out of the closet)

I still have no time to relax but, in case you do I found a recipe to DIY bath bombs. It looks really easy and I have most of the stuff in the house.

pin #1

pin #2





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So. Many. Hats.

I will probably be sick of hats by the time that I am finished with all 28 (that is including the 3 test hats I did already) But I did find great hats for the rest of the group.


I got 25 of them from buck wholesale , a youth hat locally, and a boonie hat from eBay which has yet to arrive. I probably will order hats from here even if I only need a couple. they are great quality for the price. And no I will not be getting anything for mentioning them. I just wanted to share a great source for the hats.

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A trip to the hardware store

The hats for my husband’s hunting group are officially being made. While I won’t be showing them because of the names that will be on them, (both the group name and each person’s name) I did need another weeding tool so that someone can help me weed.

After looking online at weeding tools I didn’t like the idea of $8 -$10 each. Especially since I already had one and would rarely use a second. My husband suggested a hardware store, so I did. I got a set of four for $2!


The second from the right looks most similar to the one I already had.

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