It started with..

This project idea started with a trip to a farm and home store, or as the commercials call it “the man’s mall” In the pet section by the pet training stuff they had some 10-30 foot leashes which started at $20. I have wanted a long leash since I started training the puppy as a bird dog, but I think I can make one cheaper.  Off to the hardware section where the I found leash clips for $1.60 each.


I decided to not only make the long leash, but to make a couple of 3′ leashes (to fit in our hunting vest pockets better), and a 6′ leash for my parent’s house. (my parent’s live within walking distance, and their house is the first place I look when the puppy wanders off so it will be handy for them to have a leash.)

They did have some nylon strap there but I thought I could get it cheaper at the craft store with a coupon. I could have, but didn’t think it was good enough quality for this purpose. So I got 10 yards on eBay for $13.57.


I know it was kind of taking a shot in the dark as to the quality, but this seller also had leashes and clips. (which ere cheaper at the hardware store) I am very happy with the quality of the nylon strap.

I will get 4 custom leashes for about $20!

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I know I should be crafting, but I haven’t had a lot of time the past few days. My order of moose charms and filigree beads with rhinestones came. The seller also threw in a couple of freebies in. I’ll figure out to do with them someday.



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Hip to be square

Maybe it is maybe it isn’t hip to be square.

But I like this scoop neck shirt refashioned into a square. I think it would also work for a basic t shirt pattern.

Tutorial – Scoop to Square Neck T-shirt


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Plop plop no friz

I don’t normally do beauty/hair posts. About 6 months ago I chopped off enough hair to donate. But since then when I wash it I get an un-even mess of curls, It was stick straight before the cut, so I don’t really know what to do with it I will have to find a t-shirt to try this tonight.


Of course I am cheap and usually don’t do much with my hair so I don’t have product on hand. But I might start getting product if it works out.


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Ear Wires Anyone??

I need to keep this in mind, I could probably get more hooks out of a roll or wire than premade hooks for the same price.

Studiodax's Blog

I am a hard core tool junkie… it’s hard for me to imagine any jewelry making tool that I wouldn’t want to own! Hammers, and pliers, and drill bits, oh my! But a few years ago, I started seeing some new jigs in magazines that were specifically made for creating ear wires, and couldn’t help thinking…. WHY???

Creating ear wires is easy, needs no special tools, and is a skill that anyone making jewelry should be able to do. I have a one page handout that I made for my students, but you don’t need to take a class with me – I’m posting the “how-to” right here!

STEP 1: Cut a piece of 20g wire between 1.5- 2 inches. File both ends of the wire, and make a single loop on one side. You should always make pairs together, one step at a time, so they are consistent.


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Snow day crafternoon

The kids got some paint kits for Christmas. I purposely saved them for a day off of school. The other day they had a snow day. And now that the plane is assembled again after the puppy getting ahold of it. They both had a lot of fun working on their projects.

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This pair of pajama pants have been sitting over a year. Whoops. All that was left was the hem, adding the elastic, and adding the tube of fabric I made for faux draw-string.

It didn’t actually take that long to finish.IMG_3132.JPG

I chose white thread because I didn’t have that shade of blue and it is also the color I serged with.

I can’t wait to snuggle up wearing them.

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