Neck Gaiter

Sorry for not crafting this week it has been a busy week.

My kids have been asking for scarves. I’m not sure I want them to have scarves, I am afraid that the ends of the scarfs will get caught on something.

I really don’t need to add to my crafting to do list but I will be adding these.

neck gaiter

This should give them the warmth of a scarf without the bulk or potential  of the ends getting caught.


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Bead loom

My daughter always wants something crafty for Christmas. This year I decided on a bead loom. It looks simple enough for a for her and if she runs out of beads or thread it will be inexpensive to replace. I am going to start her out with a simple checkered or striped pattern. (or just random beads) until she gets the hang of it.

how to use bead loom


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Cool crochet stitch

I don’t crochet often, but when I see a cool crochet stitch I wonder if I should finally make my sister-in-law an afghan. (I have wanted to make her one since I learned that she is the only one on (on mother-in-law’s side) that didn’t get one from my husband’s aunt for a wedding gift.

I have had yarn in colors I have seen around her house stashed away for awhile. I think I may have found the stitch I want to use.

Granny Ripple stitch

My daughter would also like to learn to crochet. after a little practice with scraps this should be an easy stitch that she could to and work on it with me!

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Blumberjack Part 1

My son likes to call his soon to be shirt his blumberjack shirt. Why? Because it is a blue lumberjack print.

I pinned the pattern pieces to the fabric.


And cut it out.


It took a while to cut out. I hope my son is exited to see how it’s going.

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Burda Kids 9524

All I did was cut out the pattern today, I have never seen pieces that weren’t labeled on the piece as to what they were.


And the puppy only got to 1 pattern piece.


And a few pieces of tape fixed it right up.


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Mini batch

I had all the ingredients and an idea that was burning in my mind.

Flavor it with Kool-aid.

I measured how much the 3 empty tubes would hold. (1 teaspoon each!) So I used a bit extra beeswax and cocoanut oil, which I was using as a substitute for shea butter. I also substituted vitamin E oil for the almond oil. (both were ingredients used in many other recipes I had seen. I colored and flavored it with a bit of Kool-aid. (the unsweetened packages, and only until it started to change color)


I sucked up the melted mixture with a syringe instead of a pipette. It was much messier!


I like the tint of color, and the kids like the flavor. I didn’t like this recipe as much as the one in the kit.(but the kids liked it better.) I wouldn’t mind having it colored like the store bought ones for the kids but this isn’t they way, the Kool-Aid didn’t dissolve and there was a lot of grit at the bottom of my mixing glass. (there was a little extra the gritty part didn’t end up in the tubes) I might make another mini batch combining the 2 recipes that I used…in a few months when we get some of these used up.

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Mind your beeswax

I have a tendency to dive all in when I like a new craft or project, even if I start small. (like with the lip balm kit) and Hobby lobby just made it a bit easier to go all it.

They have beeswax!


Even though this is by candle making supplies, it is still all natural, and the back of the packaging suggests other ingredients that can be added to make lip balm. With the coupon it was just over $5

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