Jelly bean tie

I know I will get my daughter’s dress finished, but I wanted to take a break from it. So I made my son’s Easter tie today.

Of course I had to cut it out first.


And I sewed it, by machine instead of by hand this time.


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McCall’s 6880 part 5

I got a lot more done today than I anticipated, but that’s just fine, all that is left now is the sash, some hand stitching and trimming a few threads.

Of course I gathered the skirt and attached it to the bodice pieces.


I like how the hems turned out.


And I put in the invisible zipper.


I know it looks a little off in the picture but it isn’t up close.

I can’t wait to finish the dress tomorrow, I have to sew the sheer layer of the bodice in the back, a hook and eye, and the bodice lining as well as trim threads and sew the sash.

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McCall’s 6880 part 4

Even though the skirts aren’t attached to the bodice yet, and the back seam isn’t sewn either, I sewed the hem today. After a bit of practice on scrap fabric I rolled the hem on the satin layer of the skirt.


And the organza layer of the skirt.


And the armholes, and neckline of the organza bodice overlay.


I am hoping to finish dress by mid-week.

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And the total is….

Last night the silent auction was held. My husband and I made a total of 4 donations.


The pink and black gun sling which my husband made went for $20


The camo sling sold for $16.


The necklace and earring set was won for $22.


And the fishing lure earrings also went for $22.


Than brings the total to $80!! Not bad considering the smaller than normal crowd.

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Fish like nail stamp

It has been a long time since I have done my nails. But since the banquet is tonight I decided to do my nails.

And since it’s trout’s unlimited banquet I thought I would try to make it look as much like fish as I could.

I did gradation with blue and silver with black nail stamping.


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McCall’s 6880 part 3

Today was an easy day for this project. I used my serger to sew the side seams and along each side which will soon be the back seam.


And even though I had already sewn the bodice I serged the side, and shoulder seams of the sheer bodice overlay.


Of course I had to lay it out to get a preview of what it will look like.


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what $5 can get

So I scoured a few stores, and clearance racks, but I found what I was looking for.

A plain white tank for each of the kids. (to decorate for 4th of July with the metallic paint) And a bag of rubber bands. (trying something new when we dye Easter eggs)


Both of the shirts should be a little big for the kids, so they can wear them all summer long.

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