Not for me finished!

After taking a break from this swimsuit to make my son’s shirt I needed to get back to it. Nothing like cutting close to a deadline to make me want to finish.

I attached the elastic with a zig-zag stitch around all edges and openings.


And did a double needle hem around all edges and openings. And the suit is finished!!



I really hope my cousin and her daughter like it and that it fits her well.

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McCall’s 6548

This was a very fast project. I cut out view B last night after the kids went to bed. I used nylon lycra to make a rash guard/swim shirt.


And serged it about 30 minuets!


Then a double needle hem (actually 3) and it was done.



My son was very exited about his new shirt he loves it! I will  make this again and I’d like to try some of the other views too.

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Not for me sewn.

Swimsuits are getting quicker and easier for me to sew. I whipped this up in about 45 minuets. (so far)


I hope to finish later today or tomorrow morning, But my son threw a wrench in things and reminded me that I would make him a swim shirt after passing a level of swimming he took far too many tries at. I promised that over a year ago I am surprised he remembered. He wants it done in time for the 4th of July pool party we are going too.

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Not for me cut out.

Just like all the swimsuits I have made before I cut it out with the rotary cutter.


I think I will check where my cousin got the fabric soon. My daughter likes it, but the scraps left over aren’t enough for another swimsuit.

Someone remind me to get new blades for my rotary cutters they are both getting dull.

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Not for me

Last year I offered to sew a swimsuit for my cousin’s daughter, who is very tall for her age. So I sent her fabric shopping and she picked up fabric for her daughter’s swimsuit.


And after taking measurements (and watching the kids enjoy themselves in the pool) I traced and cut out the pattern and made all the necessary adjustments.


This will be the same as the second swimsuit I made my daughter this summer. I have a deadline on this, but I know I can get it done by then.

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Picked out

I decided to hold off on my daughter’s sewing lesson for pajama shorts until my son picked fabric for his pajama shorts. We finally had time to get to the store today. I was expecting to see him grab Ninja Turtle fabric but he grabbed a tractor fabric instead.


If there is enough left I might make a few hot pads or let one of the kids make them.

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In case you ever wondered


This is what 50 yards of 1 inch wide elastic looks like. I purchased this on eBay for $15 with free shipping. I guess I have enough for any pajamas the kids and I make for a while.

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