DIY screen print shirts part 2

I used acrylic paint mixed with paint medium. And brushed over the open areas  on paper.


Since it looked good  I repeated the process on a shirt for each of the kids.



After I was done I rinsed off my screen. the glue got all wet again. If I had waited the full 48 hours for the glue to dry, If I had I think the paint would have rinsed off easier. But when it dries again, I might make myself a shirt with this design.

When (not if, when) I do this technique again, I will give the glue more time to dry, and maybe tint the glue so it will be easier to tell where I have applied it.

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DIY screen print part 1

A while ago I picked up an embroidery hoop for $1. I finally found a picture that both the kids liked.

I put the nylon over the hoop ( I slipped the inner hoop into the knee high (which was worn and no longer stayed up) and secured the outer hoop and carefully cut down the nylon)


Then I traced the design with a sharpie.


And coated the areas I didn’t want with fabric glue. (other tutorials I have seen say to use regular glue or mod-podge. I personally feel a glue that can get wet will be a better choice because it isn’t washable and won’t wash away if you clean your screen)


So far it is easy, painting the glue on the smaller areas is the worst part.

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Paint pens

This year for the teacher’s Christmas gifts I want to decorate mugs with either a teachery saying or initials. I had coupons for Joann’s and picked these up. I will probably practice on my own plates or bowls. (I have had the same ones for 11 years they are nice but boring)

I do know from reading instructions for this projects that it needs to be the individual paint pens and not the regular sharpies.


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Before I use my new dye pot

Before I get to use my new dye pot. I have to let my husband put new fletchings on his arrows. (the feathery looking part on the back) After that I will try my best to keep it clean enough for him to use whenever he needs new fletchings.


I still wouldn’t mind something bigger but this is a lot better than what my old dye pot. (which I will probably use if I am dying something small)

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Sand on my shoes

I had been thinking of using sand instead of glitter on a pair of shoes for quite a while. When I got this pair last week I knew this was the pair of shoes I had been waiting for!


Just like when I glittered other pairs of shoes I painted the glue onto the shoe and sprinkled it with sand.


The black I used looks very similar to glitter, at least in pictures.  However in person it is almost velvety, there is some sparkle but nothing like the glitter. These shoe couldn’t have turned out better!!…. Now you know why I think this will start a trend, there will be more sand projects to come.

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Diy laundry soap

I have never made it myself but I save my bottles when I buy it and split the cost with some relatives when they make it. The soap  itself doesn’t smell the greatest but it isn’t noticeable once the laundry is dry. I have only used the liquid version.

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One foot forward

I picked up these shoes for 99 cents!! I will be refashioning them in a way that I haven’t seen before.


But if they turn out the way I am picturing I will probably be starting a trend. Yup! I’m that confident.

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