svg font

etsy seems to be a great place to buy svg/cut files. I am sure my son will be asking me for this star wars font.

star wars font

I promise to get crafting more soon. We took on second dog because someone we know could no longer keep her, between re-arranging for a second crates and dog vs. dog tug it has been an adjustment (but a fun adjustment) there has also been severe weather and I don’t want to use any of my machines during a storm.


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I will probably be accumulating vinyl and paper in the near future. So of course I’m going to need to store it.

I bought this at Goodwill today. I don’t have much paper yet, but this will be great for vinyl too.


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I haven’t had time to craft today. but I did manage to stop at a craft store and get some ok to tack it glue and a pack of cupcake liners that look like they have sprinkles on them.


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Arched text

I finally found a video with directions to arch the text on a project using my new cutting machine.

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Perfect 10 finished

After weeding the vinyl stencil saying perfect 10 for my shirt, I placed it onto my shirt.


Then I painted it.


And peeled the vinyl of after it was dry.


I probably should have smoothed it out better, but I like the imperfections on the word since it matches the deer heads imperfections.

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WIP Thursday


I have been putting off finishing my  perfect 10 shirt for way too long I was dreading making a screen print or cutting freezer paper to make my stencil. Now that I have used the cutting machine to do a vinyl stencil I cut out a few more.

First I cut the words (ok.. word and number) for perfect 10 as well as another for a shirt for my daughter.


I am going to use regular paint mixed with acrylic medium for my shirt, and leftover fabric spray paint for my daughters shirt.

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Should be sewing

I should really be sewing the swimwear for this season and the projects I have started. But, I am using the cutting machine instead. I made a fathers day card. I cut the Browning logo and used draw to write happy father’s day.


I will let the kids each write or draw something inside.


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