McCall’s 5857

I almost always look at the patterns when I am at Goodwill. This is the first time I have actually purchased one, but at half off (it was the correct colored tag) I thought I would risk it. I picked up McCall’s 5857.


The pattern has been cut out but doesn’t look like it has been used (or at least never been pinned), aside from a few markings for what I’m guessing are changes the previous owner wanted to make.

And the bonus inside the one piece that was cut out. A piece of pre-cut interfacing, for the view I was planning to use first.

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Another pair of earrings

Since I liked how the earrings I made yesterday turned out I went through my recycling to find another piece of paper I liked. I found another picture from a glossy paper flyer.


I like these but I might make another pair when I get another flier from this company since the stripes are going different directions. If I do make another pair I will give one as a gift.

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Glass dome earrings

These are really simple earrings, all you need is the “trays” the domes and glue.

I started by cutting little pieces of paper to the size of the glass domes. The paper I used was a shiny advertisement paper. I cut the little camo circles out of a hunting blind featured in a shiny paper ad.


Then I glued the paper to the domes and glued them into the trays.


I really like how these turned out!! the glass dome magnifies the image. As soon as the glue is set I will wear them.

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If you remember my glittered heel refashion I didn’t love the way it turned out.

But they have always felt comfortable to me and I wasn’t ready to give up.

After finding a some scrap paper that looked like cork I knew how I wanted to fix them.

First I made a pattern out of aluminum foil.


After tracing the foil pattern onto the paper and cutting it out I found that it didn’t match up, so I cut it up into little pieces and used outdoor mod-podge to glue the paper over the glitter.


And now I love them!!!We are going to a wedding in few weeks and I hope the weather is warm enough for me to wear them.

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Finishing the ice cream cake

It actually cost about the same to get the stuff to make the cake as it would have to buy one, but now I also have leftover ice cream.

I started by chopping the peanut butter cups that my daughter wanted on top while the vanilla was softening.


And once the ice cream was soft enough I spread it over the cake.


Then I topped it with the peanut butter cups.


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Ice Cream cake part 2

My kids had fun breaking the sandwich cookies into crumbs.


While I made the sauce. (you can use a pre-made sauce) There are several recipes on the internet for this part, but I chose one because I had all the ingredients.


After the sauce cooled I poured it over the top.


And set it back in the freezer to cool.

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Ice cream cake part 1

After making sure I had enough chocolate and vanilla ice cream, as well as the chocolate sandwich cookies, peanut butter cups, whip cream and chocolate sauce.

I lined the pan with wax paper. (this probably wasn’t necessary but I thought if I wanted to get it out of the pan this would make it easier.) And scooped the amount of chocolate ice cream I wanted for the bottom layer. The directions just say to soften the ice cream, but it doesn’t say how much. I guessed at the amount I scooped.


After it softened enough I spread it out and put it back in the freezer, once it is frozen again I can do the next step.


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